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Special Information Pages On Original Vintage Posters

27th June 2013

AntikBar is creating new pages focusing on different aspects of original vintage posters. Please watch this space and follow us on Twitter, InstagramFacebook, Pinterest and WordPress for more updates. Please click on the headings below for information and images: 

Original Vintage Skiing Posters

Skiing posters, like many advertising posters, were originally produced to entice holiday-makers and winter thrill-seekers to resorts and alpine areas. The early- to mid-century skiing posters were often designed by notable artists of the time and are colourful, dynamic, glamorous, nostalgic and stylish, sometimes also fun and quirky. The ones that survived now make for a good investment, ideal for decorating chalets and "back home" as a stunning reminder of a memorable ski trip. Christie's hosts an annual ski auction every January and has recently seen an increase in popularity and demand for these eye-catching, unique designs. 


London Underground Art Posters

London Underground has a long history, since the early 20th century, of commissioning artists and designers to produce posters for display in Underground stations. In 1986, after a short lapse, London Underground began an active campaign of commissioning artists again with the aim of concentrating on fine art, rather than poster design. The essential difference was that artists were given a free hand without outside influence on the resulting work of art, unlike the commercial art route to advertising. The only specification was that all places had to be accessible by Underground. The resulting posters were never considered advertisements; rather, they were seen as good decoration for the stations, a passenger benefit and a way of continuing the Underground's long history of responsibility towards art and heritage. 


Original Vintage Cycling Posters

Cycling is enjoyed by millions of people around the world, whether simply as a means of getting from A to Z or for keeping fit. Since its invention in the 1800s, the humble bicycle has been the subject of many cycling posters, from the promotion of safer cycling to advertising events such as the Tour de France. Riding a bike is undoubtedly a liberating and healthy sport that can be enjoyed by the whole family. For those looking to improve their mood and general lifestyle, it's also a good alternative to being stuck inside a train carriage during the rush hour commute to work.


Constructivist Posters and Graphic Design of the Stenberg Brothers

Vladimir (1899-1982) and Georgii (1900-1933) Stenberg rank amongst the most notable Soviet Constructivist artists and graphic designers of the early 20th century. Pulling together their artistic experience and knowledge of film theory, the movie posters produced by the Stenberg Brothers during the 1920-30s displayed an innovative use of perspective, geometry, typography and colour to convey a dynamic sense of movement and energetic depth; their Battleship Potemkin poster is considered to be one of the greatest movie posters of all time. 


Intourist USSR Soviet Travel Posters and Ephemera

Glamour is not what many people would associate with the Soviet Union during the 1930s. The Stakhanovite worker struggling to fulfill the five-year plan and the Red Army soldier defending achievements of socialism from capitalist aggression dominated the poster art of that period. At the same time Soviet travel posters aimed at attracting foreign tourists were designed in the bourgeois Art Deco style to create a glamorous portrayal of the Soviet Union. Intourist advertising posters that were unknown to the majority of the Soviet population became a calling card of the country as they were displayed in tourist offices and embassies all over the world. Bold, bright and highly artistic they were aimed at presenting to foreign tourists the joys of travelling in the USSR - the first socialist country in the world. As the only tour operator authorised to deal with foreigners, Intourist was charged with providing the highest quality of service to foreign guests. 


Collecting Original Vintage Posters

Original antique and vintage posters are an early form of mass communication. They were produced as art with a purpose, created to attract attention and engage with people at the time they were issued. As such, they capture the essence of a particular era and are important pieces of social history. Vintage posters are great artworks - some designed by famous artists of the period - that you can enjoy on your walls every day. Original vintage posters are also widely recognised as a sound investment with the potential for significant value appreciation.

Click here for tips on looking after your original vintage posters, including storage, framing and restoration, and visit our YouTube channel for Tips on Packing Posters (more coming soon). 


Featured image: London Underground - View of the House, 1989 

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